Welcome to Sassy Scribe Transcription

For over a decade I have worked with journalists, authors, and archivists to help them save time and ensure accuracy, while they craft their stories.

Let’s face it, transcribing is awful, tedious, and very time consuming. So why not let me handle it? I can help save you precious time while you concentrate on the final goal! You’ve probably tried transcription software that wasn’t exactly accurate, or, you may have done it yourself and realized that it not only sucks, but it cut into hours of your life you wish you could have back.

Transcribing allows me to learn about many subjects all while helping professionals with their administrative needs; I work at all hours and on weekends so you and your associates don’t have to.

I began specializing in music oral histories and interviews for music magazines and book publishers; these included oral histories on bands such as Jane’s Addiction, Bad Religion, The Germs, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Eventually, I branched out to a variety of topics in the arts, politics, commodities, and business. For years I have done dozens of assignments for clients such as Cooperative Press, LA Weekly, Streetwise Reports, Good Housekeeping, RedbookSkyscraper Magazine, Cleveland Magazine, and Vendetta Magazine. 






View my rates and get in touch!

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