About Arabella

My first clerical job at age 16 was scanning and formatting pages upon pages of poetry by Osip Mandelstam for the Russian literature publishing company my parents ran for 30+ years. This trained me early on to edit quickly by sight (in Russian which I wasn’t fluent but knew cyrillic enough) to get on to the next stack of pages. At 19, I even made a documentary about some of the living writers and the company, which you can view pieces of here.

The first journalist I worked for doing transcription was the infamous Brendan Mullen. It was trial by fire! With his thick Scottish accent, crude 1980’s cassette recorder, and propensity for interviewing subjects in noisy bars or outdoors as garbage trucks rumbled by — well, I cut my teeth as a transcriber under the most difficult sound and speech pattern circumstances you can ever imagine! Needless to say, I became his go-to transcriber and we would work together for many years to come.

Since those days, I’ve branched out into working with clients and stories about gold mining, stock speculation, Fashion Week, human interest stories, academic panels, and environmental reports. I have worked on short assignments, last-minute assignments, and long-term assignments that have lasted — literally — years. The research and interviews took years, mind you, not my typing!

Aside from co-founding my own record label, Elephant Stone Records, I am a visual artist that exhibits in galleries around the world. I like kitties, craft beers, New Orleans, weird relics of medical history, and my favorite color is leopard print. That’s a color, right?


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